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Binary Options Brokers Comparison

When choosing your binary broker it is very important to know how to compare the different companies in order to select the one that is best for you. If you have a look at the listings on the upper side of our website you will notice that we provide different information about the brokers, such as maximum payouts, minimum deposits, customer support numbers and trading platform. All of them offer a small insight on what to expect from the broker.
The first thing to know when comparing the brokers is that many of them use the same trading platform. There are a handful of popular platforms on the market that are used by most brokers, while a selected few have their own in-house built platform. If you have some experience with forex brokers, you already know that many of them use the famous Metatrader platform, but this doesn't mean they are all the same. There are differences in spreads, assets, execution and many other aspects. Same goes for binary options brokers. Even if you will see five different brokers using the Spot Option platform, they may have big differences in terms of payouts, minimum deposits, execution, speed of withdrawals, customers support and more.
If you like a certain platform you can visit the websites of more brokers that use it, and look for other details that will differentiate them. Some of them may have smaller minimum trade amounts that can be very useful for beginners, while others may be more suitable for experienced traders that need a maximum trade size of a few thousands.
It is also good to know that the brokers with in-house platforms are usually big companies that invested a lot of money in their own trading technology and they normally have a very stable financial situation. Their platforms can be very competitive and they are always a good check.
Another important thing to have in mind when choosing your broker is that our website ranks in the higher positions the brokers with a solid reputation. The top ranked binary options brokers on our website are the ones with more years of experience, a good history of fast payments and good financial stability. They are the big brands in the industry.
It is hard to say which is the best binary options broker, and if you would ask many traders you would get different answers. This is why we have chosen to list a high number of brokers that have an overall good feedback from traders, in order to show you as many options as possible. Fortunately, when choosing a broker the options are not binary.