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Binary Options Signals


Binary options

The recently developed binary options trading gains more and more popularity each new day. The higher return rates known at the acquisition time, short expiration times and low investments required are just few of the most important advantages that the binary options have against the classic forex trading.
Although the binary options industry is just at the beginning, the huge interest the traders showed in trading binary options led to rapid expansion and diversification of supply. Currently there are dozens of different online binary options brokers that have a wide offer of binary options including touch options and boundary options.
It’s still early and the binary options market is not fully maturated, so in the next months both the competition between the brokers and the number of traders are expected to continue growing.

Trading signals

The trading signals represent the suggestions made by professional traders or an automated robot. For binary options these are basically options proposed by professional forex analysts after examining the market and identifying a certain opportunity.
Being the result of a professional trader analysis, the options suggested by the trading signals are more likely to expire in the money so following the trading signals can increase the overall trading earnings.
A very important aspect regarding the binary options signals is time. For a trader to use the maximum advantage of a signal this should get to the trader in very short time. In binary options the expiry time is usually very short and the trader needs to act fast to catch the right time to buy the option.
The binary options signals are much more easy to use than forex signals because the trading is far more simpler. The elements that compose the option are more clear and usually the signals indicates them exactly. There is no more analysis required for the trader. He only needs to respect the indication from the signal, the only thing to decide upon being the amount invested.
A short example of a binary option signal looks like this:
Asset: USD/JPY
The trade: Binary Call Option
Expiry time: End of day
When: on a daily close above 84.55

Binary options signals providers

Currently there are several binary options signals providers available on the internet. Some of them offer few free signals, but usually you need do pay a monthly fee to get all the signals. The monthly fees are currently around $30 so they are rather small in comparison with the potential extra winnings that following the signals will bring to your earnings.
Not all trading signals turn out winners by finishing in the money, but all respected binary options signals providers target for a wining rate of at least 60%. The signals providers usually have a very transparent activity so you can find expired signals in their archives. If you check them out you can see for yourself how good they are in predicting the market opportunities.
The binary options signals providers have their own team of professional traders that analyze the market and identify the best trading opportunities. Their main goal is to help you trade better, with the best results because this is the only way they can make you loyal to their service. This is the perfect win-win situation, where professional traders help amateur or beginner traders to win more money by trading binary options.

Best binary options signals provider

The most reliable provider of binary options signals is Option Robot. This site provides professional signals that have a very good success rate and can help you become a profitable trader.