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Binary Options Reviews

In order to start trading on different markets using binary options you need to open an account with a broker. Since there are plenty brokers offering binary options and their number is constantly growing, we strongly recommend to take a look at our picks and read our detailed reviews.
You don't need to look further since we have already chosen the best and most reliable brokers for you. We also reviewed all of them to make your choice easier and documented.
The review pages contain up to date information about the brokers, presenting some general information about the broker, it's main features and it's unique features.

Binary Options Bonuses

Some binary brokers offer first deposit bonuses in order to boost the trader's bankroll. The bonuses vary from broker to broker and the clearing conditions are also different.
We advise you to check the bonus terms and conditions if you are serious about taking a bonus. The bonus info and terms are usually found on the broker's website, and sometimes you can learn more about them by contacting the broker via Live Chat or phone.
Most first deposit bonuses represent a percentage of your deposit amount and are capped at some certain levels. For higher deposits the bonuses are usually higher in percentage.
It is good to have a high first deposit bonus when you start trading binaries, but don't forget that this is not the most important thing when choosing a broker. Good reputation, a solid trading platform and powerful deposit and withdrawal methods are usually more important than high bonus offers. However, if you are undecided between two brokers you can choose the one with a higher bonus, or open an account with both of them and grind both bonuses.
Having accounts at many brokers will also help you divide your risk and get more benefits from promotions and bonuses, so we highly advise you to bookmark this page in case you wish to come back again later to choose another broker.
We are trying hard to keep this page up to date and add more brokers and bonuses, but sometimes the brokers may change their bonus offers before we are able to update this page, so we advise you to check the broker's website to confirm weather the bonus offer is still available, or if it was changed. Sometimes, you may be surprised to find even better offers on the broker's website, as many brokers run promotions from time to time during Holidays or to celebrate special events.