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Binary Options Profits

To make it easier to understand how much you can win trading binary options, we have made a very simple example, that is very realistic for any amateur trader. Let us consider the following situation:
You trade only options of the same value and with the same payout ratio, on a regular basis. Let's say you trade options on NASDAQ with 80% profit and 10% refund. You buy only options worth $100 and you trade 5 options per day, 5 days per week (an approximate total of 100 trades per month).
Below you will see the profit table depending on your success ratio, for one month of trading:
Options Winning Ratio
Net Monthly Profit
Type Of Trader
3,750 $
Lucky expert trader
2,900 $
Lucky good trader / Expert trader
2,050 $
Lucky trader / Good trader
1,200 $
Normal trader
350 $
Lucky gambler / Unlucky trader
-500 $
Normal gambler
-1,350 $
Unlucky gambler
Trading this amounts usually requires an investment between $1,000 and $3,000, which is something everyone can afford, compared to the huge investments needed for similar profits in the normal trading style. If you invest $2,000 and have a 65% winning ratio you will earn $2,050 in a single month, which is the equivalent of a 100% return on investment.
Now imagine how much money you can make if you trade binary options worth $200 each, $500 each or even $1,000 per option. The profit potential is unlimited.
Note: Although binary trading can be very profitable, there is always the risk of losing your whole investment. Bad luck or bad predictions can generate losing streaks that can even deplete your whole investment. This is why we strongly recommend that you never trade with money you can't afford to lose. Binary options trading is an investment, and should be treated accordingly.